Syscon Consulting

Affordable Security Solutions for your Business

Our Design and Architecture services focuses on the ICT environment to ensure key risks are mitigated and to identify key security control points. This includes control of traffic flows, identification of single points of failure, segregation of security zones and documentation to support the design.



Our Threat Modeling & Risk Assessment services (TRA) are geared towards assessing the risk appetite of an organization for security-related events. Risk Assessments allow an organization to prioritize its security spending on the areas that matter most. This is an interactive process where input is required from the organization in order to gain the most benefit from the TRA process.


Our Penetration & Vulnerability assessment services are recommended whenever a new application, server or network device is being deployed or the configuration of an Internet-facing service has changed. Penetration testing simulates an attacker attempting to gain access to a specified target server or application.